How to buy vinyl log siding on the Internet

Speciality building products, such as vinyl log siding, are often not available at your local home improvement retailer, but you'll find sources on the Internet. There you will find contact information for different siding manufacturers, product reviews, pictures of completed siding projects, and helpful information about installation and care for your new vinyl siding.

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Buying vinyl log siding online

Three important things to keep in mind while conducting your search:

  1. Manufacturers and suppliers are not always the same. For example, TimberMill log siding is manufactured by StyleCrest, but StyleCrest does not sell the siding directly to homeowners. You must purchase your siding from the closest retail supplier. You can find the manufacturer's product information and installation instructions at timbermillsiding.com. If they don't list a nearby supplier, call them and ask for the closest supplier who can quote you a siding price, with or without installation.
  2. Online prices may not be your actual cost. Different retail suppliers of vinyl siding may advertise different prices for the same product, and shipping isn't shown because it varies with distance. Some siding suppliers may also charge a lower per square foot price for a large order, so you must know the total amount of siding needed before requesting a price quote.
  3. Some online information may be outdated. For example, you may find online information for Homex Rustic Ridge vinyl log siding, but StyleCrest is actually phasing it out in favor of their popular TimberMill vinyl logs. For accurate information, follow up your online research with a direct call to the siding manufacturer or supplier.

If you are having trouble finding vinyl logs in your local area, then purchasing it online is a good alternative. StyleCrest, KP Building Products' Adirondak line, and a Canadian company called Kaycan, manufacture log cabin style vinyl siding and have many suppliers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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