History with a side of vinyl

Live in an older or even historic home? Just because your house was built over a generation ago doesn't mean that you can't update it with modern materials.

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Vinyl siding trim, used to insulate and accent doors and window frames, is an especially practical choice for older homes because it can greatly improve the heat-retention performance of older windows.

Why vinyl?

Besides offering beauty that blends with the style of your home, vinyl trim offers energy efficiency and the opportunity to save money on heating and cooling. Trimming your doors and windows with vinyl is a particularly smart choice if you live in a place that has extreme or fluctuating weather conditions.

It can help reduce the transfer of heat, meaning that cold air is kept out in the winter, and warm air is kept out in the summer. Also, vinyl trim is cheaper in both material and labor costs than other options like aluminum or clapboard, and it requires minimal maintenance--really, just a soapy wash once or twice a year.

Siding in style

Vinyl siding trim can be as beautiful as it is functional, and is available in a wide variety of colors and architectural styles:

  • Victorian
  • Greek Revival
  • Colonial
  • Georgian

Want trim that looks old but performs like new? Even if the rest of the siding on your home is its original clapboard, brick, or wood, vinyl trim can be made to mimic it in style and color, maintaining that coveted historic look with modern performance.


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