Handsome vinyl brick siding makes masonry accents affordable

There are lots of advantages to installing vinyl brick panels (faux brick) compared to actual bricks. Besides faux bricks' authentic appearance, the savings compared to actual bricks are enormous. Installation requires ordinary skills, not masonry expertise. Many homeowners install the panels themselves, and integral nailing strips make it easy. Fast installation saves time and money even if a contractor does it. Vinyl's durability is excellent inside or out.

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Vinyl brick siding installation advantages

In addition to the ease of installing it, this product is designed so the results look flawless.

  1. Panels with staggered bricks on each end make seams invisible, although there are also straight-ended panels
  2. Easy-to-use sealant and grout blend the few existing seams
  3. There are inner and outer corners units, column claddings, ledgers to cap partial walls, light posts and mailbox posts--all matching your chosen style
  4. Corner pieces have your choice of straight vertical edges or staggered ones, and the latter show no tell-tale seams

Architectural uses for vinyl brick

Vinyl brick siding is used for both home and commercial applications. Home uses--in addition to full or partial exterior siding--include these architectural touches:

  1. Interior--accent walls for entrances, kitchens, living rooms, fireplaces, and home bars
  2. Exterior--patio walls, fountain backdrops, hot tub enclosures and foundation covers

Variety of styling choices and prices

You have as many or more style choices for vinyl bricks as for real ones. Options range from many traditional-looking uniform colors to variegated weathered tones as well as light, dark, and natural sand colors. Textures, panel thicknesses and end profile depths vary as well. Vinyl stone siding offers even more choices.

Panels also vary in size, but most are roughly two feet high and four feet wide with panel prices ranging from under $20 to over $70. In short, there are choices for every taste and budget.

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