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Half Round Shingle Vinyl Siding

Half round shingle vinyl siding is most commonly only used as an accent in gables usually (due to cost) or in some cases in entirety on historic homes. Normal quantities range from fifty to a few hundred square feet depending on what type of accent you are looking for or what application. This product creates a very specific and charming look. Its scalloped edges are distinctive and it is available in a multitude of colors, giving homeowners both the freedom and the flexibility they desire.

The authentic look of cedar half round shingles is due to the molded cedar texture and low gloss finish typically used in manufacturing, resulting in the true appearance of real cedar shingles without all the cost and painting. Color, which is typically baked into the vinyl, goes entirely through the panel and not painted on the surface (so scratches won’t show), are typically chosen as they can coordinate with the various decorative trims to complete a truly appealing design suitable for entire structural covering as well as accenting smaller areas or gables. Half round shingle siding is virtually maintenance free and never needs painting. The only maintenance required is washing with a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid, and then rinsed with a water hose. It is not susceptible to termite invasion or any other insect damage.

Vinyl siding is as durable as it is environmentally friendly, but if it’s not properly installed it can hold moisture and cause damage to your home, so be sure to choose your contractor carefully or consult a professional for anything you may be unsure of when doing it yourself. Additionally, you should always perform a regular preventative maintenance inspection for any possible damage that may have occurred to avoid possible unknown progressive damage to your home.

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