Great-looking board and batten vinyl siding

If you want a unique look for your home board and batten siding uses vertically hung boards to reproduce the rustic appearance of early American homes. The unusual vertical orientation of the siding, along with the shadows cast by the alternating wide and narrow boards, works to create an illusion of depth and add visual interest to the home.

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Traditional board and batten siding uses wooden boards attached directly to the outside walls. Smaller boards, called battens, are then nailed in place to cover the gaps between the larger boards. While wooden board and batten siding is easy to install, the wooden boards do have to be cleaned, painted, and occasionally repaired.

Why choose board and batten vinyl siding?

A better alternative today are the board and batten vinyl siding products available from various vinyl siding manufacturers. These vinyl siding boards are molded directly from original wooden board to capture the character of the wood. This resulting vinyl siding is attractive, durable, and very low maintenance. Unlike wooden siding, the vinyl siding will not rot, be damaged by insects, or ever need to be painted.

Board and batten vinyl siding is a very cost effective choice as well. For example, the Durabilt GrayStone 480 Series Board and Batten Siding available through Lowe's retails for $7.66 a square foot. Similar products from other vinyl siding manufacturers, such as Mastic, CertainTeed, or Crane siding, sell for comparable prices with exact costs varying by manufacturer, style, and grade.

As with all vinyl siding the true savings are earned over time. Because vinyl siding is so durable and low maintenance the upkeep over the life of the siding is much less than natural wood siding.

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