Go traditional with vinyl log siding

There are few things more traditionally American than a log cabin. It evokes visions of gangly Abe Lincoln splitting logs or the simple hand-crafting that built pioneer homesteads. Log siding is a great option for vacation homes in forested and mountain settings. Or--create a country atmosphere in the middle of the city.

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Beneficial features of vinyl log siding

Patterned from real logs, vinyl log siding creates the colors, shape and textures of half-logs. It is considered premium grade vinyl siding as it's thicker (generally .044 -.055 inches) than value-priced siding, and maintains its shape beautifully due to insulation in the half-rounds.

Premium clapboard, Dutch lap, and other non-log vinyl siding costs much less than real or vinyl logs. According to the CalFinder.com remodeling site, real wood log siding can cost $3-8 per linear foot, which translates to $7 to $18 per square foot. Premium vinyl siding ranges between $3-7per square foot. Vinyl logs for a 36-by-48-foot home ranges from roughly $6500 to $7500.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding:

Vinyl log siding saves time and money in the long run. It shares many advantages over wood and other popular siding options:

  1. Durability -- built to last 25-50 years
  2. Versatility -- available in a wide variety of colors and styles
  3. It never needs refinishing -- just hose down annually.
  4. Vinyl log siding is impervious to rot and mold.
  5. Termites don't invade it.
  6. No scratches -- the color is built in.
  7. Vinyl siding is impervious to moisture.

New siding is a major investment, an important decision that must be planned carefully. Consumer Reports, in its Siding Guide, suggests choosing a good quality vinyl siding with an authentic wood look, making detailed measurements and getting a good installation. That includes tight flashing around doors and windows and a moisture barrier under the new siding if the old siding is being removed.

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