Go low maintenance with vinyl log siding

For many, the traditional log cabin conjures up ideas of a cozy home. Whether it's a cabin in the woods or a home in town, the look of logs inspire thoughts of a bygone era.

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However, real logs come with real problems. Maintenance is a yearly requirement, and caulking is often necessary. Doors and windows swell and contract with temperature changes, and interior oil must be applied yearly to maintain the beauty of the wood. If you want the appearance of a log cabin without the maintenance hassle, consider vinyl log siding for your home.

Maintenance pros of vinyl log siding

The biggest benefit of using vinyl log siding instead of real logs is the easy maintenance. A quick wash with the hose removes grime, and you don't have to worry about moisture buildup. A change in seasons doesn't mean heading to the hardware store for another round of caulk, and you shouldn't live in fear of air leaks.

Vinyl is more durable than wood. With proper precautions, you can even pressure-wash your vinyl siding, something you would never do with traditional logs. Before you make the commitment to building a log house, make sure you're aware of the maintenance requirements of real logs. Consider vinyl siding as a way to get the look of logs with the benefits of a stress-free siding.

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