Getting that timeless, elegant look with vinyl brick siding

Vinyl brick siding is a popular choice for homeowners who want to cover all or part of their exterior walls with the strong, durable look of brick. For centuries, bricks of varying sizes and hues have been used as building material. Shaped from the natural resource of clay and then fired in kilns, Masons then build the bricks into walls--or cover existing walls--filling the gaps between bricks with mortar.

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Because masonry skills are required, real brick installation is more complicated than that of vinyl brick siding and thus more expensive. But even if you were to do the bricklaying job yourself, the raw material would cost you more with real brick. Premium vinyl siding, at $3-7 per square foot, is considerably less expensive than real bricks, which range from $6-12 per square foot, according to the CalFinders remodeling web site.

Vinyl brick siding rocks

Faux brick siding has several other advantages over real brick. Real bricks are heavy and tough, but also brittle, so maintenance and upkeep are issues as well. The mortar used in brick exterior walls is subject to cracking due to extremes of weather or to earth movement in earthquake-prone areas. Brick exteriors must be checked regularly to see if tuck-pointing might be needed.

Vinyl brick siding is lightweight, easy-to-install and available in a range of brick-like hues that can blend into most exterior color schemes. Most suppliers offer variations on these shades:

  • Red / pink / terracotta
  • Tan / gold / brown
  • Gray / black
  • White/cream

Some buyers prefer the weathered, faded look of old bricks, so vinyl siding manufacturers offer several options. Panels can simulate the look of new bricks, old faded bricks, or a variegated pattern of old and new.

Many homeowners choose to cover just the first floor or the foundation area of the dwelling with simulated brick, finishing the remainder of the exterior with another style, like vinyl clapboard, log, or cedar shake siding. Whatever combination you choose, vinyl brick siding can give your home a timeless, elegant look.

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