Get a traditional look with modern log cabin vinyl siding

The look of a rustic log cabin can be enticing, but the upkeep can make even the most handy homeowner think twice about opting for the real thing. Log cabin vinyl siding can remedy the maintenance problem while offering the charming rustic look that you expect from a log cabin.

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Log cabin vinyl siding: all the beauty, none of the maintenance

A few decades ago, vinyl siding was very basic. Vinyl siding panels came in a variety of colors, but had a reputation for quick fading and easy damage in the event of a storm. Horizontal panels were the norm, and the look left much to be desired.

Over the years since, advancements in vinyl siding have turned the material into a beautiful option for any type of home style. Today's vinyl siding offers a wide variety of fade-resistant colors and finishes that closely mimic other materials, such as wood, stone and brick. Vinyl siding is thicker and able to withstand the elements with much better results than the vinyl of yesteryear.

Today's vinyl siding can closely mimic the log cabin look. Log cabin vinyl siding is made of vinyl sheets with a molded, insulated backing. The vinyl has a curved surface and resembles wood grain with natural coloring that simulates the look of real logs.

However, the maintenance required for vinyl siding is where the big difference lies. While a true log cabin requires regular sealing and other methods of upkeep, vinyl log siding requires only the occasional cursory inspection and cleaning. The look of real wood without all of the maintenance is a reason many homeowners choose vinyl siding for their home-improvement or building projects.

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