Faux brick vinyl siding equals real savings

Save time and money by installing brick vinyl siding on the outside or inside of your home. Treat yourself to the timeless look of brick without the stone mason and the high cost. Vinyl siding has many advantages--it is realistic, fade resistant, waterproof, inexpensive, easy to install, maintenance free, pest and insect proof and easy to handle. It's also perfect for residential or commercial applications.

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Because vinyl siding is so lightweight, no structural reinforcement is necessary. Made of polyurethane, polypropylene, plastic recycled or polymer-based materials, brick vinyl siding is also known as faux or simulated brick.

Deciding which type of vinyl siding to use can depend on what surface you plan to cover and whether you are planning an interior or exterior home improvment project. Keep in mind that most vinyl siding can be installed over any surface that is sound, dry and clean--indoors or out. Because it requires only standard carpentry tools, it might even be a good project for the handyman in the house.

Brick vinyl siding: A comparison

Two companies that make simulated brick siding are GenStone and FauxPanels.com. Products available from these companies are similar:

  • GenStone. Each siding panel covers approximately 7 sq ft and is 1" thick. Their brick siding is made from polyurethane and is available in 3 classic brick colors. They offer a 25 year limited warranty. Prices were unavailable.
  • FauxPanels.Their polyurethane panels, available in 4 styles, cover from 6.8 to 7.29 sq ft and cost from $64.95 to $78.63 per panel. The polypropylene panels in the budget collection cover four to five sq ft and cost from $16.49 to $17.58 per panel. Panel thickness ranges from 1/2" to 1". Both collections come in a wide variety of colors including red, white, tan, gray, brown and bordeax. The company offers a 15 year limited warranty.

You can make your dream of a classic brick house a reality without decimating your home improvement budget by shopping for faux brick siding.

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