Finish your siding with contrasting fascia trim

You have selected your siding material with care, and you are pleased with the color, texture, style, and price. However, if you overlooked the fascia trim, your siding project probably looks unfinished.

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What is fascia trim?

Let's start with the fascia board, which is typically fastened to the ends of the rafters to create a clean look to the roof edge. Fascia board also provides a mounting surface for rain gutters. When you install new siding, you should also install new fascia trim in a color that is complementary to the main siding color. The trim may be of the same material as the siding, or it can be a different material. Vinyl is often used, even with other siding material, because it is light and easy to work with. It is typically available in 3- to 12-inch widths, and vinyl costs around $3.00 and up per square foot. Other materials can cost considerably more.

What else should I consider to finish the project?

If you really want a finished look, consider installing soffit material to the underside of the rafters. The soffit will tie into the fascia on the outside and should be vented to provide airflow into the attic space. Vinyl soffit prices are around $7 per square foot, but in addition to their decorative function they also help prevent water and vermin from entering your attic.

If you use a contractor for your siding project, make sure the trim and soffit installation are included in the contract.



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