Choosing Fascia Trim: The Beauty is in the Details

You've spent weeks sifting through siding samples to find the perfect product for your home. Now that you've chosen one, you're done, right? Wrong. When it comes to choosing exterior products, you mustn't overlook the details. Fascia trim--the overhanging board that covers your home's eaves and supports your rain gutters--is a seemingly minor detail that really impacts your home's final look.

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Choosing a Right Fascia Trim For Your Home

The affordability and durability of vinyl makes it a popular choice fascia trim, but you can choose from a plethora of materials. Some of the most common choices include:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Fiber Cement

Aluminum, fiber cement, or vinyl fascia trim can be factory primed and painted to require minimal maintenance. Natural wood products must be painted and maintained, are more prone to rot and weather damage, and are often more expensive. On the other hand, wood is more traditional. Note that fascia trim is also available in a number of styles, from flat, smooth boards to grooved panels.

Controlling Fascia Trim Costs

Like siding cost, fascia trim prices increase with professional installation. Unlike siding, however, installing fascia trim is a relatively simple DIY project so long as you have the right tools. Still, it's important that the job be done right to prevent water seepage and damage. Consider contacting professional siding professionals near you for free estimates. Shop around for the best deal! If you're already installing home siding, but are considering installing your own fascia trim, ask that your fascia total be separated from your total siding cost and itemized by material and installation.


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