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Vinyl Siding Fascia

Fascia, on a building, is the flat horizontal surface immediately below the edge of a roof. Installing vinyl siding fascia on your home or building will protect the structure from rotting wood and is often used as an accent or in conjunction with entire building coverings. Vinyl siding is typically manufactured from polyvinyl chloride. There are various styles and colors available. It’s designed to look like stone, brick, or resemble clapboards, battens, wood and logs, hence it is available in many diverse profiles that can be mixed and matched to create a perfect style unique to your own personal preference.

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When installing vinyl siding fascia, there are small holes along the underside of the trim which allow the wood frame and roofing to breathe. It is very important to allow the wood to have air exposure to prevent the wood from retaining moisture and while it protects the wood from the elements it also gives your home or building a clean and pleasant finished look.

You should keep the following in mind when choosing to install fascia trim around your structure:

  • The type of trim used for a pre installed wood frame along the structure is known as a J-channel, which keeps the ends of the soffits in place around the structures wood frame.
  • If a wood frame already exists, use J-channel along the siding of the house.
  • If no wood framing has been pre-installed, then use the F-channel along the siding of the house.

Cleaning vinyl siding fascia is best done with a mild detergent in a bucket of warm water and a long handled soft bristle brush. Starting at the top work your way down then rinse with a water hose. When cleaning an entire structure, you should work in small areas to avoid drying soap before rinsing.

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