Dutch lap vinyl siding: Offering colors and options for any home

Dutch lap wood siding has been popular for hundreds of years due to the unique shadow lines and definition it can give a home's exterior walls. These features, and the resulting devoted homeowner following, are a few of the reasons why vinyl siding manufacturers added the style to their model lines during the early days of vinyl siding. Back in those days, the siding was so thin you could almost see through it. There weren't many style options, and if you were lucky, you had four or five colors to choose from. The world of vinyl siding has gone through quite a few changes since those early times.

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Today's Dutch lap vinyl siding: Attractive colors and options for any installation

Just about every major vinyl siding manufacturer now offers Dutch lap siding throughout their model lines and in many cases the style ranges from the value priced selections all the way up to their premier lines. The days of only having a few colors to choose from are long gone and companies such as CertainTeed now have up to 39 standard colors in smooth or wood grain finishes. You can also choose several options when looking at your various Dutch lap vinyl siding choices:

  • Length: Standard siding lengths are usually about 12 feet, but some companies offer Dutch lap siding in lengths of 16 and 25 feet for less seams on long walls
  • Strength: Dutch lap vinyl siding in heavy .046 inch gauge is available in the premier lines of manufacturers such as Mastic and Gentek.
  • Insulation: You can now purchase insulated Dutch lap vinyl siding to increase the energy efficiency of your home's exterior walls.
  • Wind protection: Many manufacturers of Dutch lap siding have selections approved for use in high-wind areas such as southern Florida.

The many colors and options now available with Dutch lap vinyl siding help the style maintain its popularity and can make it the right choice for just about any home.

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