Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding For Your Home

When you are planning a home re-siding project one of the top choices is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is cost efficient, attractive, durable, and low maintenance.

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The many vinyl siding styles and colors available allow you to pick the vinyl siding that best matches your home's overall appearance. One top vinyl siding choice is Dutch lap vinyl siding. Dutch lap vinyl siding features a decorative groove in the top surface of the plank. Because Dutch lap vinyl siding closely replicates the look of original hand carved Dutch lap siding it is an especially good choice for homes with classic architectural designs.

Advantages of Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

The groove in the top board edge of Dutch lap vinyl siding creates a shadow effect that adds visual depth to the siding. There are structural advantages as well: Dutch lap vinyl siding is stronger then conventional vinyl siding and is less likely to buckle or appear wavy after installation.

Disadvantages of Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

The look of Dutch lap vinyl siding may not be appropriate for all home styles. You should carefully consider the overall architectural design of your home before deciding on Dutch lap vinyl siding. Dutch lap vinyl siding is also generally considered to be a premium siding option and therefore tends to be more expensive than economy or standard siding options.

Mastic Siding Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding Options

Mastic Home Exteriors is a leading manufacturer of vinyl siding. Dutch lap vinyl siding is available as an option in the following Mastic siding product lines: Quest, Carvedwood 44, Ovation, T-Lok Barkwood, Liberty Elite, Silhouette Classic, Mill Creek, Brentwood, Trademark and Structure EPS Insulated Siding.


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