Dutch lap vinyl siding creates a crisp, deep-shadowed look

Visualize the shape of Dutch lap vinyl siding this way: Imagine two wine bottles stacked on top of each other, each with a neck sloping down to a gently beveled shoulder. Below the bevel, the bottle shape is vertical. Now cut the stacked bottles in half vertically and shrink them to 8 or 9 inches high. The remaining shape resembles the end view of a piece of Dutch lap siding. The base of the upper bottle overhangs the lower bottle creating a shadow from overhead sunlight. The beveled shoulder reflects light differently than the vertical "bottle side." Repeat this for the height of a house wall, and you have an ever-changing dance of light and shadow. No wonder Dutch lap siding is an enduring style.

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What makes Dutch lap vinyl siding preferable to wood?

  1. A wood bevel exposes cross grains that are susceptible to moisture penetration.
  2. Dutch lap siding has integrated nailing strips along the top for easy, precise installation.
  3. Vinyl siding interlocks along the bottom for moisture and wind resistance.
  4. Unlike wood, the color of Dutch lap siding is integral. No costly repainting or re-staining.
  5. You'll never worry about termites.
  6. Wood rots and molds; vinyl doesn't.
  7. Wood siding is expensive both to purchase and maintain.

What About the Cost?

For do-it-yourself installation (another big savings) siding comes in 200 square-foot cartons. Prices vary widely by region, brand and dealer. Comparison shopping is crucial. Use .044" thickness for sag-free rigidity. A ballpark price for white .044" Dutch lap vinyl siding cartons of 200 square feet is about $165. For a 40 x 50' home, 9 cartons is roughly $1500. Colored siding, trim pieces and installation are extra costs, but never having to refinish and replace siding is priceless.

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