Designing with vinyl shake siding

Do you long for the warmth and details of hand-crafted wood grain exterior finish on your home, but need the easy care and durability of vinyl siding? Vinyl shake siding features heavy wood grain texture simulating the look rustic wood but without vulnerablity to termites or wood rot.

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While costs vary due to quality, vinyl siding generally costs less than natural wood exterior finishes when you factor in durability, maintenance, and especially reduced heating and cooling expenses. Capture the look of cedar shake siding without the maintenance.

Vinyl shake siding recommendations

There are definate trends and clear style choices for exterior siding, and certain patterns or textures are best suited for specific architecture types. The top of vinyl shake siding is always layered while the bottom edge is molded into a variety of shapes including: hexagon, half cove, fish scale, octagon, mitered corner, round and square. Vinyl cedar shake shingle textures include rough split, straight edge, staggered single, hand split, narrow sawn.

  • For a cottage look, choose vinyl siding with a dense repeating pattern
  • For a sleek contemporary look, consider minimal decorative cutting
  • For a thatched cottage appearance, choose shake siding with rough-hewn texture
  • For your mountain get away, select half cove vinyl cedar shake
  • For Victorian or Queen Anne styles, choose fish-scale pattern siding alternating with board and batten siding

Manufacturers have created nearly 100 unique cedar mold styles and colors from snow white through eggshell to juniper, ocean grey, bayberry, goldenrod, brick red, and classic spruce green. Select the siding option that complements your home's architecture, and go for a color that makes you feel great when you enter your driveway.

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