Designing with brick vinyl styling

Whether your architecture is historic or modern, Georgian, federal or country farmhouse, a brick exterior will give it a rich and stately look. However, real brick is expensive and has some maintenance issues. Brick vinyl siding, with its wide array of rich brick patterns and colors, offers a cheap, maintenance-free option for the thrifty homeowner.

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Vinyl brick siding colors

Vinyl brick panels are crafted for true color and depth. Color choices include brick red, buff, cocoa, white, multi-color and even a variegated pattern. You also may have a choice of how much black, glassy fired finish you want on the brick and the amount of mortar you want to see between each row.

Bond with your bond

Another style consideration is the size and lay-out pattern of the bricks, call the bond. An English bond refers to alternating rows of long and short bricks. Flemish bond refers to long and short brick patterns set alternately in the same row.

Finish with finish

Besides black firing marks to make your brick looks realistic, you can choose bricks that look dusted or clear. You have choices in corner detail patterns including old world, mixed or standard; you also can get aged or modern painted finishes.

Insulated brick vinyl siding will help control energy bills. And while real bricks may have issues with cracking and mortar decay, vinyl siding needs very little upkeep. It is weather resistant and and durable while making your home look grand all year around.

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