Comparing vertical vinyl siding to other vertical siding

Nailing boards vertically down a surface is one of the oldest exterior finishes and is the fastest and cheapest way to side a house. Vertical siding simply means wood nailed over studs. Although its a speedy approach to siding a house, wooden vertical siding compares unfavorably to vinyl siding in the following areas:

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Vertical wood siding vs. vertical vinyl siding

  1. Wood is susceptible to warping and leaking, while vinyl is not.
  2. Wood can develop problems with moisture, vinyl siding has the advantage of mimicking the look of wood siding while allowing good airflow.
  3. Wood is less durable than vinyl siding.
  4. Wood is more costly than vinyl siding, especially when maintenance is factored in.

Vertical vinyl siding is available in almost every vertical siding style option, providing the look of wood without the damage and maintenance worries of traditional siding. Vinyl siding may also be known as: panel siding, sheet siding, composite sheet vertical siding, and board and batten.

Board and batten is a centuries old look and is typically seen in barns, out buildings and sheds. The sides have shiplap edges so that one piece laps onto its neighbor. The most common panel size is 4 by 8 feet, but sheets 10 and 12 feet long are also available and are worth the extra weight if they eliminate horizontal butt joints.

Trends in vinyl vertical siding

Most homeowners choose horizontal siding, but vertical siding adds visual interest and can be used to side entire structures or draw attention to gables, end caps, walkways or any area with strong vertical lines. One recent trend has been the use of bead board vertical siding. Bead board siding is nothing more than narrow boards stacked so that the seams create a pattern. While this style of siding was originally made of wood, today's vinyl siding adds country retro charm in accent areas such as porch ceilings, farmers porches, and gables. Although it takes a bit of searching, vinyl versions of bead boards are available on the market.

Vertical vinyl siding provides the asthetic advanages of wood, no matter the style of your home, but also offers higher durability and a higher value for your dollar.

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