Colors and options for cedar vinyl siding

If you are about to make a major investment in your home's exterior, consider combining the warm, natural look of wood with the durability and low maintenance of cedar vinyl siding.

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This siding is manufactured in a rough-hewn wood grain texture to simulate real cedar siding. Vinyl siding comes in a wide range of grades: A premium-grade thickness of up to .044 inch, will give you greater strength and rigidity than value vinyl siding.

Cedar vinyl siding savings

Cedar vinyl siding is less expensive than the real wood alternative and easier to install. Online siding calculators like siding4u.com estimate a total project savings of $2000-3000 for a 1500 square-foot project.

In addition, real wood siding requires regular maintenance, mostly in the form of repainting and staining. And while cedar siding is resistant to mold, fungus and bugs, you still need to watch for signs of damage. But vinyl siding will keep on saving money over the years because it is not subject to mold, fungus or insects, and will not require repainting.

Colors and options

For cedar vinyl siding, the best manufacturers offer a color palette featuring 15-20 shades corresponding to natural wood tones and typical wood stains. Style options include:

  • Horizontal or vertical vinyl plank siding
  • Vinyl Shingles - panels molded with a uniform saw-cut look
  • Vinyl Shakes - mimicking hand-split cedar shakes
  • Round, log-cabin style.

If you have an estimator come to your home, request samples of the various style options. You might choose a combination of vinyl siding styles, such as horizontal siding panels for the walls with a complementary shingle, shake or scallop style for dormers and gables.

Exterior siding is an important decision for any homeowner. Unlike interior decor, the exterior of a home is open to public view and reflects on the homeowner's taste and design sensibilities.

When faced with this important decision, Americans have voted in favor of vinyl siding. According to the 2009 U.S. Census Report, 34 percent of new homes sold in the U.S. feature vinyl siding, making vinyl the country's #1 choice of exterior wall material.

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