Types of Vinyl Siding to Complement Your Older Home

The wood siding on old houses has often been around for many years. It can be very attractive, but requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Unfortunately many old homes do not receive that needed upkeep.

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Sections of your home might have wood siding that is beyond saving. Or you may be thinking about an addition to your old house, wondering if you really want the extra maintenance of more wood siding.

Consider vinyl siding for your old house addition or sections of your existing home. There are vinyl siding styles that can blend right in with your existing wood siding, and from five feet away no one would notice a difference. One of the keys to blending vinyl siding with existing wood siding is color.

Vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors, but there are many more shades of paint than there are vinyl colors. If you match the color you paint your wood siding to the color of the vinyl you select, it can be an almost unnoticeable transition.

Vinyl Siding to Match Your Old House Wood Siding

With some old homes, when they were built there were only a few types of wood siding that were both easily available and within homeowners' budgets. Three of those common wood siding types are beveled, Dutch lap, and raised bead. These vinyl siding styles are a very close match to their profiles:

  • Double 6-inch clapboard
  • Double 5-inch clapboard
  • Double 5-inch Dutch lap
  • Single 7-inch clapboard
  • Single 8-inch beaded

Find vinyl siding options through siding contractors, siding distributors, and manufacturers such as Mastic and CertainTeed.


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