5 Reasons We Like Vinyl Cedar Siding over Wood

Natural cedar siding imparts a rusticity to your home that's difficult to top, but isn't perfect. Vinyl cedar siding not only retains the beauty of natural cedar siding, but can top the natural product in a number of ways.

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5 Ways Vinyl Cedar Siding Tops Natural Cedar

Whoever said that you can't improve upon nature wasn't familiar with vinyl cedar siding. Here are just a few of the ways vinyl cedar outmatches its natural counterpart:

  1. Cost. While vinyl siding cost varies with style or manufacturer, the Portland Cement Association reports that it is significantly more affordable than natural products.
  2. Safety. Natural cedar siding can be a fire hazard while vinyl cedar siding is fire-resistant. This means choosing a faux-cedar vinyl siding can reduce your homeowners insurance premium.
  3. Wear. While natural cedar is a fairly durable product, it can wear unevenly while vinyl cedar siding is consistently beautiful.
  4. Maintenance. Vinyl is a very low-maintenance siding material, especially when factory primed and painted. Natural cedar must be painted or sealed often.
  5. Insect resistance. Natural cedar is wood, and therefore prone to termite or other insect invasion. Vinyl siding is not.

The Bottom Line on Vinyl Cedar Siding

Vinyl cedar siding is a beautiful alternative to the real thing. It's more durable and easier to care for, too. Available in lap, shake, and shingle styles, vinyl siding is also just as versatile as cedar siding. Not only does vinyl siding cost less than natural products initially, but can save you in maintenance and homeowners insurance costs, too, making vinyl a better investment overall. Contact a vinyl siding specialist near you get started.


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