Cedar Vinyl Siding: Beauty Without the Maintenance

While many homeowners are attracted to wood siding due its good looks and classic appeal, traditional wood siding has several disadvantages. Wood siding is expensive to install, requires regular maintenance, and will eventually deteriorate to the point where it needs to be replaced.

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Even with all the disadvantages of wood siding, many homeowners still want the traditional look of wood siding, especially those with classic homes where other types of siding may look out of place.

Fortunately, there is an option that gives homeowners the great look of wood siding with the low cost and ease of maintenance of vinyl siding. That product is cedar vinyl siding.

The Advantages of Cedar Vinyl Siding

Cedar vinyl siding is a vinyl siding created specifically to match the look of wood siding. In many cases cedar vinyl siding manufacturers use actual wood planks as the molds for the cedar vinyl siding to ensure the perfect wood grain and other "wood look" features. Some products feature a replicated "hand split" appearance as well.

Cedar vinyl siding offers all the advantages of other vinyl siding products. Cedar vinyl siding is less expensive then wood siding, is more durable then wood siding, and requires less maintenance then wood siding. In most cases the only maintenance requirements are an occasional wash with a garden hose.

Cedar vinyl siding is available from several manufacturers in a variety of styles and color choices. It is a low-cost alternative to wood siding for both new construction and replacement siding projects. Cedar vinyl siding has become an especially popular choice in those areas of the country where wood siding was traditionally used. The look of cedar vinyl siding fits in nicely with the appearance of the wood siding that may remain on other homes in the neighborhood.

One company with extensive experience with cedar vinyl siding is CertainTeed. The CertainTeed line of cedar vinyl siding products includes both horizontal and vertical siding, shakes and shingles, and insulated siding. The company also offers vinyl cedar soffits and trim.


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