Cedar vinyl siding: Are there selections that stand out?

Cedar has been a popular siding material for hundreds of years. Homeowners like its rustic wood grain and the many finish options it allows, but having to apply that paint or stain on a regular basis can also be a drawback. Unfortunately, cedar is susceptible to moisture and insect damage, so spending time on maintenance is almost a requirement. What if you could have a siding with just about all of cedar's good points and none of the bad? Siding manufacturers have managed to do just that with their cedar vinyl siding offerings and some of the selections separate themselves from the pack.

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Cedar vinyl siding: What's a good choice?

Just about all vinyl siding manufacturers offer a cedar-styled siding, but what features make a selection really stand out? Most people prefer a pronounced wood grain, and for that reason, certain manufacturers use real cedar to form their siding. A thicker gauge is also popular as it can help the panel stand up to the rigors of a tough climate. Perhaps the most important feature is a range of realistic cedar stain colors to choose from and these selections should have that covered:

  • KP Building Products--Northern Star Rustic offers a deep grain pattern, a thick .044 inch gauge, and six color options
  • Mastic--Quest siding has a finer grain than some of the other selections, but it's still a heavy .046 inch gauge. The siding is available in solid colors for a painted appearance and several weathered stain hues
  • Timbermill--This company specializes in vinyl siding with a cedar appearance and it's so realistic you can count the knots. Timbermill is available in two colors and profiles
  • CertainTeed--Monogram 46 is another heavy grained selection in a thick .046 inch gauge. It's available in eight wood blend colors and many solid shades

If you want a rustic cedar appearance without the maintenance, these cedar vinyl siding recommendations may be just what the doctor ordered.

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