Brick within your budget: how brick vinyl siding has evolved to meet your needs

Typically, vinyl siding is associated with wood exteriors and finishes. But what about the homeowner who has dreamed of a brick home? The price tag for actual brick can be frightening and the timeline for the project might be lengthy. Brick vinyl siding to the rescue! This exciting development in the construction field has opened the door to new and beautiful design opportunities for homes of all budgets and sizes.

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A few qualities to understand about this option are:

  • Generally panels are about 1" thick, which increases pliability
  • Cost ranges from approximately $3.00 to $6.00 per square foot, according to distributors
  • Experts recommend that you hire a professional to assist with, if not manage, the installation

Brick vinyl siding color and material advancements

If what you love about brick are the variations in color and character, look no further than brick vinyl siding. Some of your coloring options include:

  • Red or Rust
  • Blended brown and black
  • Dark Brown
  • Vintage White

The manufacturers do not stop at the siding. Accessories to complete your look include vinyl ledgers and corners so your facade is seamless.

Whether you idolize colonial homes or have a new take on this classic material, this alternative and reliable product aims to please. In fact, shoppers have found creative uses for the panels in addition to exterior home renovations. A few of these successful projects include:

  • Interior wall treatments
  • Sheds and outdoor storage units
  • Jumps for equestrian centers
  • Playhouses, tree houses and dog houses

If now is the time to update your house, build that addition or spice up the den, consider brick vinyl siding. Complete the project of your dreams.

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