Why Faux Brick Vinyl Siding Could be Better than the Real Thing

There's a reason brick has always been a popular home construction or accent material - it's rugged, energy efficient, and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, it can also cost you an arm and a leg. When you want the look of brick without the expense, faux brick vinyl siding is an excellent alternative. Here's why.

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The Benefits of Brick Vinyl Siding

It might not have carried the history and tradition of real brick, but don't sell faux brick products short - in some ways, they can be even better.

  • It's Affordable. If having the look of brick is worth its weight in gold, your money will go significantly further with simulated brick vinyl siding. Not only is the up-front cost of the product cheaper, but installation is significantly less expensive, too.
  • It's Light. Faux brick vinyl siding is light and doesn't require the structural support of brick, making a quick home facelift a real possibility.
  • It's Durable. Much like real brick, faux brick vinyl siding is weather- and fire-resistant.
  • It's Low Maintenance. Simulated brick products require minimal maintenance. Just clean periodically and check for gaping near joints, windows, or doors.
  • It's Easy to Install. We've noted the cheaper installation cost already, but you can curb your costs even more by installing brick vinyl siding yourself.

Finding a Faux Brick Siding Product

Deciding to go with simulated brick vinyl siding is an excellent step toward achieving the brick look you want without breaking the bank, but it's only the first. Vinyl allows for a great deal of variety, so sorting through your options can take a bit of effort. Request quotes from a few manufacturers and view their product samples before making your final choice. Also remember to inquire about product warranties - choosing a product built to last protects your investment.

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