Brick vinyl siding: stacking up your options

Installing brick vinyl siding on your home is a cost effective siding option that simulates the appearance and the texture of real brick veneer. These light-weight siding panels are ideal for exterior remodeling projects and can even be installed on homes that were not originally sided with bricks.

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Brick vinyl siding colors and options

Here are some popular brick vinyl siding options from Fauxpanels.com:

  1. Cambridge brick panels replicate the authentic look of tumbled bricks in three colors: red, white and an aged finish, which has the color variations and textures of antique bricks. Each siding panel covers about 7 square feet, and you can expect to pay about $65 per panel. Installed like most vinyl siding panels, the Cambridge panels snap together for a straight forward installation.
  2. Royal brick panels are offered in different shades of red, as well as brown and a mixed color option. The interlocking panels cover approximately 7 square feet and cost about $78 each. The Royal panels look like authentic brick siding because the face of each brick protrudes from the surrounding mortar lines, giving the vinyl siding a textured surface and appealing shadow line.
  3. Nailon brick panels are offered in six colors, including colonial white, buff, red and a few distressed options that simulate re-used bricks. These siding panels cover about 5 square feet each, and you can expect to pay about $20 per panel. Nailon panels have a reputation for easy installation, which make them a smart choice for DIY projects.

Like most styles of vinyl siding, brick veneer panels require corner and J-channel trims to create a weather tight exterior for your house and complete the appearance of a real brick veneer.

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