Is Vertical Siding Right for Your Home?

Board and batten vertical siding, made from wood, is a method of exterior design that has been around since before the founding of the United States. It adds a classic look to the curb view of your home and helps protect against the inclemency of the elements.

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The advent of aluminum siding in the 1940s, as well as its ease of installation in a horizontal manner, contributed to the decline of vertical siding among American homeowners. Since vinyl and cement fiber have been introduced as siding materials, however, vertical siding is coming back into fashion.

Choosing Vertical Siding Materials

Wood is, of course, the choice for a pure classicist looking to achieve the traditional vertical siding look. Unfortunately, wood is a high-maintenance material. Wood must be painted or stained to become waterproof, and can fall pray to rot, warping, or insect damage.

Vinyl has been a used to make vertical siding since its introduction in the 1970s. Vinyl siding is an affordable alternative to wood, requires much less maintenance, and comes in an extreme variety of colors. Vinyl won't give your home the same traditional look of wood siding, but its other attractive characteristics make it a popular choice regardless.

Cement fiber siding is a relatively new development in the siding industry, and homeowners are glad to have it. Not only does it mimic the look and feel of classic wood siding with pinpoint accuracy, it is the most durable siding material and requires almost no maintenance whatsoever. It does tend to be a bit pricey, but many people are discovering that the home improvements brought by cement fiber siding are well worth the cost.

The characteristic look of vertical siding might be just what you need to put the finishing touch on the design of your home. Determine if it harmonizes with the rest of your exterior view, and go from there.

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