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Beaded Vinyl Siding

Beaded vinyl siding provides elegant shadow lines and detail typical of traditional mid-Atlantic architecture and is a unique style which is very traditional with an old warm charm. Beaded vinyl siding comes in a wide range of styles. A few of the common types of beaded vinyl siding are; contemporary smooth, traditional smooth and traditional wood grain. Some styles are manufactured in a way to reproduce authentic hand-crafted boards with a deep "V" grooved design which creates a distinctive shadow between the face and the rounded bead or, if your taste is for a more classic look, other available styles sport wide ridges and subtle shadowed lines of traditional bead, which is also a sculpted contemporary bead style with crisp lines.

Beaded vinyl siding is a favorite among many and is found to be very attractive and is as beautiful as it is resilient. Typically beaded vinyl siding is designed with a locking system and nail hem for a durable and strong hold. Predrilled nail holes are also typical for easier installation. It is one of the most popular exterior building materials and is used in both new construction and remodeling projects to cover old structures with a new and beautiful look which is becoming more and more common due to the rising energy costs and will undoubtedly make your home more energy efficient. Ninety percent of existing homes are sided either during construction or as a result of remodeling. Typically any style of house can be sided by starting with 1/4" fan-fold polystyrene which is to be installed over any existing surface or siding to ensure the installation surface is flat.

Maintaining your beaded vinyl siding is relatively simple when done regularly, right along with basic maintenance and inspection. It is a good idea to do regular inspections to avoid progressive damage that may occur unnoticed.

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