Ask your vinyl siding contractor about alternatives for brick, stucco, and cedar

Vinyl siding has made leaps forward in recent years, moving from a basic exterior material to one with lots of pizazz. Many of today's vinyl siding styles are designed to complement older homes and mimic upscale materials such as brick, stucco and cedar shakes.

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When debating vinyl siding styles, consider your home and neighborhood architecture and the existing colors in your trim, patio and other exterior surfaces. A vinyl siding contractor can show you accents or replacements to give any architectural style a finer quality look.

Examples for various architectural styles:

  • Simple clapboards with neutral color fit Georgian Colonial and Saltbox symmetry.
  • Vinyl cedar shakes, or faux brick or stone sidings for Dutch Colonials or woodsy cabins
  • Grooved Dutch lap siding with straight, staggered shakes or curved shingle accents for Victorian homes
  • Stucco for Southwestern, suburban, and ranch-style homes

Other popular vinyl siding styles to consider:

  • Shakes and shingles: Shakes are thicker with deep, hand-split looking grain. Shingles are thinner with sawn or split grain.
  • Board and batten: Wide vertical flat planks have thin strips covering seams to add shadows and character.
  • Cedar siding: Resembles cedar's grain and stain colors. Sometimes it's installed on the second floor of a home for a nice accent.
  • Imitation brick: Adds solid or variegated tones in many colors and textures
  • Unique colors: The palette of colors available has everything from natural to bold.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, vinyl siding was the top choice for exterior cladding on new single family homes built in 2009. One reason for its wide appeal is the variety of styles, profiles and colors. Ask your vinyl siding contractor for advice on how this versatile material can transform your home's exterior.

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