Advancements in vinyl siding shingles

Considering vinyl siding shingles? You'll be glad to know that the material has come a long way since the vinyl of days past. Today's vinyl is more versatile, durable, and higher quality than ever, and homeowners are making the shift to shingles. Take a look at recent advancements in this popular siding.

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Pros of vinyl siding shingles

  • Shapes: Vinyl siding used to mean long, uniform panels that made your house blend in with a thousand others. Today's vinyl can be shaped to create realistic shingles, logs, and other textures that give you a more unique look.
  • Colors: In years past, vinyl siding manufacturers limited their selection to lighter colors because of vinyl's propensity to fade. With new, colorfast tinting, manufacturers now offer much darker colors as well. This especially helps improve the natural look of shingle siding.
  • Function: Unlike the material of 25 years ago, today's vinyl is more resistant to temperature changes and less likely to crack or warp in heat. Lower maintenance than wood, vinyl is easier to clean and doesn't require repainting or staining.
  • Price: Vinyl siding shingles are very cost effective compared to wood. At about $10-$15 per 14.5" x 49" panel, it's budget-friendly. Cedar shingles, for instance, will cost two to three times as much as vinyl.

Vinyl shake siding can look like cedar or other expensive woods without the price or maintenance hassles. A professional installation can help ensure that your siding remains water resistant and low-maintenance for years. After years of innovation and improvement, vinyl may have become a perfect fit for your home.

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