Advancements in vertical vinyl siding

Vertical siding imparts a traditional look to your home, while the sleek, clean look of vinyl can offer great curb appeal. Vertical vinyl siding has come a long way since the days of wooden board and batten, which required regular maintenance and painting. Today's vertical vinyl siding is virtually maintenance-free.

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The bottom line is another good reason to look into vinyl siding. Though the initial cost of vinyl siding might be higher than that of board and batten, the maintenance costs of wood siding quickly add up. Meanwhile, vinyl siding is usually a one-time purchase that requires no further investment over the years.

Vertical Vinyl Siding: What to expect

Vertical vinyl siding can mimic the look of board and batten, while uneven colors, realistic wood grain and weathered finishes can give your home a traditional, rustic look. If you prefer the more modern look of painted board and batten, vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes that can give you the look you want without the hassle of regular painting.

Installation of vinyl siding is designed to be easy enough for a homeowner to handle it; however, that was not always the case. Advancements in vinyl siding include more intuitive panel installation that makes the installation straightforward, but most homeowners still opt to hire a professional contractor to do the job. The installation of vertical vinyl siding is a bit different from that of horizontal vinyl siding. If you do opt to do the job yourself, speak to a contractor about the best way to install your vinyl siding.

Maintenance for vinyl siding is very easy. Homeowners should perform a cursory visual inspection from time to time in order to spot any damage. Beyond the inspection, an occasional cleaning might be required. This can be done by hand, by a professional contractor, or with a pressure washer. When cleaning vinyl siding, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations to prevent water damage.

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