Advancements in Dutch lap vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is a distinctly American product. First introduced in the 1950s, vinyl then was not nearly what it is today: The colors were manually blended with the plastics in a slow process that often produced an inconsistent product. But through the years, vinyl-siding technology has improved and its popularity has grown.

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Dutch lap vinyl siding is one of the most common styles of vinyl siding. "Dutch lap" has a continuous groove running horizontally along the "lap," or overlapping area, of the siding. The siding sits flush against the side of the house, unlike beveled siding, which rests at an angle to the side of the house.

The added edge created by the groove makes the Dutch-lap design a little more stable than bevel siding.

Advancements in Dutch lap vinyl siding

  • Quality. When vinyl siding was first introduced more than half a century ago, it was created by a process called mono-extrusion. This was replaced in the '70s by a process called co-extrusion, which greatly sped up production and improved quality. Nowadays, vinyl siding is known for its consistency. Manufacturers also have improved pigmentation so that colors don't fade, as happened with earlier siding.
  • Durability. With today's technology, today's vinyl is extremely durable. It resists dents, hail damage, scratches and fading. It is impervious to insects, fungus and mildew, and it never needs painting.
  • Variety. This, truly, is the biggest advancement that has been made in the world of vinyl. You can find a vinyl version of nearly any siding material imaginable: rock, brick, wood, etc. Dutch lap vinyl siding is a style that lends itself to wood mimicry, but also looks great as a faux metal. The color availability is endless and is one of its major selling points.
  • Affordability. Vinyl always has been much more affordable than its natural counterparts.

Advancements in vinyl siding have made it the most widely used siding in America. If the Dutch-lap look fits your aesthetic, consider joining the crowd.

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