A Look at Mastic Home Exterior Exteriors Vinyl Siding Soffits

One of the leading manufacturers of home cladding products is Mastic Home Exteriors. Mastic siding products include vinyl siding, aluminum siding, and siding accessories.

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Mastic produces both vinyl and aluminum soffits for use with their siding products. Soffits are panels installed on the underside of a roof overhang that are ventilated to prevent structural damage caused by excessive moisture build-up in the roof. Vinyl soffits are used for vinyl siding projects and aluminum soffits are appropriate for aluminum siding projects.

Mastic Vinyl Siding Soffit Choices

The Mastic line of vinyl siding soffits includes economy, standard, and premium grade options. The standard and premium grades are generally thicker and have more color and style selections than the economy grade options.

Mastic Economy Grade Soffits

TradeMarkcg Soffit. The TradeMarkcg Soffit is .040" thick and is available in both Double 5" Ventilated and Non-Ventilated styles. This soffit has a wood grain finish and is available in seven colors.

Universal Soffit. Mastic's Universal soffit is .036" thick and is available in Triple 4" Ventilated, Triple 4" Center Ventilated, and Triple 4" Non-Ventilated options. This low-gloss, matte finish soffit is available in seven color choices.

Mastic Standard Grade Soffits

Pro-Tech Plus Soffit. The Pro-Tech Plus is available in 0.42" thick Double 5" Ventilated and Non-Ventilated options, as well as the .040" thick Triple 4" Ventilated, Center Ventilated, and Non-Ventilated choices. Most of the options can be used as soffits, vertical siding, or wainscoting. Up to 21 color choices are available depending on which variant is picked.

Mastic Premium Grade Soffits

Pro-Bead Soffit and Wainscot. These .040" thick panels can be used as a soffit, porch overhang, or wainscot. Both the 8" ventilated and 8" non-ventilated options are available in eight color selections.

Pro-Select Soffit and Vertical Siding. The Pro-Select line can be used as soffits, vertical siding, or wainscoting and features a special lock that tightens under pressure. The panels are .046" thick and come in Double 5" Ventilated and Non-Ventilated options. The ventilated panels are available in 31 colors and the non-ventilated panels come in 30 colors.

Venture Hidden Vent Soffit. This .044" thick soffit is available in either a Triple 3-1/3" Hidden Vent Soffit or a Triple 3 -1/3" Non-Ventilated Soffit. The hidden vent option has 29 color choices and the non-ventilated panels are available in 28 colors.

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