3 top picks for vinyl siding shakes

Traditionally, "shake" is a term applied to shingles that are hand-split, or at least look that way, so when it comes to vinyl siding, shakes might not be the first things that come to mind. Cedar is the wood most often paired with the shake, and is a great siding material due to its rot resistance and insect-repellent qualities. But vinyl is an affordable alternative to traditional cedar shake, and it offers similar positive points: vinyl siding is subject to neither rot nor insect damage.

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Three styes of vinyl siding shakes

  • Staggered, or Split Shakes. This natural-looking vinyl siding almost gives the look of paint-brush bristles. This might sound weird, but when it comes to vinyl siding, shakes are among the most rustic-looking, and simulating the chaotic nature of, well, nature, is key to an authentic look.
  • Weathered Shakes. This style of vinyl siding simulates one of key features of cedar shake: that great, silvery color that comes with the exposure to the wind, sun, and rain. It might seem counter-intuitive to buy something new that looks old, but if you want vinyl siding shakes that look as much like the real thing as possible, a weathered look is helpful.
  • Natural Tones. Rarely are homes sided with cedar shake painted; there's no need to paint cedar because of the wood's natural water-resistant qualities. So, if you are attempting to simulate the look of cedar shake with your vinyl siding, consider sticking to tones that would naturally occur on the real thing: silvers and grays are a good bet, and often manufacturers will offer varying hues of gray, from greens to blues, that will also work well.

Keep in mind, these recommendations have been made with simulating the look of cedar shake in mind. There are many style and color combinations out there--a little research may yield many results.

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