3 reasons to consider Kaycan for your vinyl log Siding

Although the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) certifies vinyl products, VSI has not certified any vinyl log siding. But you can protect yourself. Select a manufacturer with other certified products. Kaycan is one such manufacturer, and several other reasons recommend the company for your purchase.

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1. Well-established

Kaycan has been developing home building products since 1974. The company demonstrates industry prominence by several measures:

  • 1,000,000+ square feet of manufacturing facilities
  • 2,000,000+ million square feet of distribution space
  • Nearly 1,000 employees providing customer service

Sheer volume of product and marketing presence does not necessarily recommend a company. But the combination of numerous certified products with long-term success may.

2. Vinyl log siding product Lines

Kaycan offers two vinyl log product lines. The first is offered through ABTCO, a subsidiary of Kaycan. The other is Montebello Log. Both products share features, including the following:

  • Colors: Vermont cypress and maple
  • Vapor Vent™ weep hole system
  • Ultra-Vinyl™ UV technology
  • Perform Guard™* patented insect resistant foam
  • Precisely contoured underlayment
  • Color-coordinated J channels, outside corner posts and undersill trims

3. Green Sense

Kaycan directly addresses environmental concerns on their website, and they do more than merely articulate the general benefits of vinyl. The company has developed a Green initiative that includes the following efforts:

  • Committee of employees across country joined to discuss environmental questions
  • Recycling programs and energy conservation initiatives within company operations
  • "Green and Beyond Newsletter"

Vinyl siding generally comes with a limited life-time guarantee. But companies sometimes budget to replace less sturdy products. Save yourself disappointment and hassle. Choose a companythat protects your home, one like Kaycan that has earned an outstanding reputation.



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