3 reasons log vinyl siding compares favorably to real wood

Saving trees is enough motivation for some consumers to look for alternatives to real wood. But those digging deeper in their comparisons of wood to vinyl are finding other good reasons to choose vinyl.

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Log vinyl siding vs real log siding

  1. Vinyl avoids the landfill. Manufacturers can repeatedly melt and reform vinyl, allowing for nearly 100 percent recycling of all industrial waste generated in production. Real wood siding is unlikely to be recycled. North America has more than 70 centers devoted to the recycling of vinyl. Be careful of siding manufacturers like Amazing Siding who boast use of "pure, virgin vinyl" in all of their vinyl siding. Look for manufacturers like CertainTeed and Alside who recycle their scrap. You can also inquire about product lines with a high level of recycled content.
  2. Vinyl reduces renovation. Many vinyl products weather better than other cladding. Renovation accounts for 44 percent of the 160 million tons of waste generated each year in the US. Vinyl's long life cycle can have a significant positive environmental impact. Not all viny has a long life cycle. Look for a log vinyl siding manufacturer whose products are checked with a life-cycle assessment tool compliant with ISO 14044 and supported by Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES).
  3. Vinyl is virtually maintenance free. You may never have to paint, stain, or caulk log vinyl siding. Maintenance of wood logs causes off-gassing of volatile organic compounds and adds to the waste-stream. PVC indoors will off-gas for a short-period and can cause substantial air quality issues in new builds or renovations.

Vinyl offers some important advantages over wood siding. The consumer's wallet may be spared as well. Commercial Sales Associate Robert O'Neal of the Athens, Georgia, Lowes reports that choosing vinyl siding over wood saves the consumer approximately 25 percent.

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