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Vinyl Siding Styles

With many types of vinyl siding currently available, the consumer has quite a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Some siding types are even designed with matching trim and architectural details. Texture is added during the manufacturing process to resemble both wood clapboards & shingle style.

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Since vinyl siding is intended to imitate wood lap siding, it is available in several profiles. Most common is a piece that imitates two courses of wood siding. These are called D4 or D5. A variation is a "Dutch Lap" style which has the shape of a traditional dutch lap wood siding. A profile with three courses of 3-inch siding is also common.

The best part about choosing vinyl siding for your home improvement project is that it is an extremely durable versatile material. It comes in a huge variety of colors. It also can fit into many different archtectural styles from Victorian to modern.

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