What are vinyl siding shakes?

Vinyl siding shakes add the look of real wood to your home without adding much to the overall maintenance and upkeep costs. Where actual wood shakes are split from blocks of wood and have a rough-hewn appearance, vinyl shakes are made to imitate the real version. In some cases, these shakes are molded from actual wood shakes, making it hard to spot the difference.

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What's special about vinyl siding shakes?

Vinyl siding shakes are considered premium siding because the siding panels are particularly strong and durable. The wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes available from vinyl siding manufacturers allow you to put your personal imprint on your home's exterior. For instance, the shakes on the siding panels can come staggered arrangement of varying widths, and the shakes themselves can be constructed with straight or uneven bottom edges. You might decide to cover the entire space with vinyl siding shakes, or to use shakes as accents in gables, dormers or entry areas. Colors generally mimic the shades naturally found in wood or wood stains.

The following is just a partial list of manufacturers who offer a product line of realistic-looking vinyl shakes, shingles or half-rounds:

  • Cedar Discovery from Alcoa/Mastic
  • CertainTeed Cedar Impressions
  • Crestwater Rustic Cedar Shake from Resource Material Corp
  • Royal Designer Shake from Royal Building Products
  • KP Building Products
  • Alside Shakes and Scallops

Once you choose a quality siding product and an experienced installer, you're on your way to a remodel project with one of the highest payback values at resale. The 2008 Remodeling Magazine Cost Vs. Value Report found that siding replacements--including mid-range vinyl siding--returned more than 80 percent of project costs upon resale.


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