Vinyl siding shakes vs. wood

When considering shake siding, the big question homeowners ask is: vinyl or wood? Traditional siding is composed of wooden panels laid over each other to create a pleasant, layered look. The similarities and differences between the two materials are important to consider before you make your choice.

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If you envision vinyl siding as long, boring panels, think again. The material has come a long way in the past twenty years, becoming stronger, more versatile, longer-lasting and more resistant to the elements. Most importantly, vinyl has become a popular material for siding shingles and shakes.

Vinyl siding shakes appear surprisingly similar to wood. From the street, you might not even be able to tell the difference, and after ten or twenty years, the vinyl may actually look cleaner and better maintained than cracking, aging wood. Maintenance on vinyl siding can be as simple as a spray of the hose.

Price ranges for vinyl siding shakes

Cost is one of the biggest benefits to opting for vinyl siding: Vinyl shakes will cost from a half to a third the price of cedar shingles. Panels are sized from 7-20 inches wide and 48-60 inches long, and prices range from about $8-$15 per panel. Of course, that's just an estimate--prices can depend on the manufacturer and your location, and they don't include installation.

Choose a material that's as simple to care for as it is beautiful. Explore vinyl-siding manufacturers today.

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