Road to success: selecting vinyl siding in Motor City

Detroit is a city of architecturally distinct neighborhoods. Whether your dream home is a traditional, single-family home in Grosse Pointe, a classic two-story in Bloomfield Hills, an Ann Arbor ranch or a row house in historic Corktown, you can update your home without spending a fortune by investing in vinyl siding.

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Climate is a major factor to consider when selecting vinyl siding in Michigan. Temperatures in the Motor City, which is in the humid continental climate zone, can range from below zero and freezing to hot, humid and greater than 90 degrees.

Finding the right vinyl siding contractor

These four fundamentals steps can help you get started with vinyl siding research:

  1. Ask your Detroit neighbors and friends, who have had siding installed whether or not they would recommend the manufacturer.
  2. Visiting local Detroit siding dealers that carry vinyl siding from different manufacturers, such as CertainTeed, Wolverine, Napco and Nailite Siding. You can find these fine home cladding products at Siding World, Eastern Michigan Distributors and Ingram Wholesale Siding.
  3. Compare prices and features. Siding thickness is an important consideration; siding should expand and contract without cracking, if it's going to weather Detroit's temperature extremes.
  4. Meet with a local manufacturer's representative, when you've narrowed down your choices.

No matter what brand or type of vinyl siding you ultimately choose or how much you pay, it's critical that you hire a reputable siding contractor to make sure that siding is installed correctly.

  1. Check the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website to verify the credentials of Detroit siding contractors. Contractors who work on residential and commercial projects in Michigan must be licensed to do so legally.
  2. Go to the Better Business Bureau website to review consumer reviews of local siding contractors in Detroit. The site lists almost a hundred siding contractors within 25 miles of Motor City. Three with A+ ratings and longevity in the community include B&M Builders Service (1976), Kearns Brothers, Inc. (1992) and SAS Services, Inc. (1997).
  3. The Vinyl Siding Institute website lists hundreds of certified VSI installers in Michigan, with more than half in the Detroit Metro area.

Research is a powerful tool. It can mean the difference between the success or failure of your home improvement project. Use these tips to get educated so you can feel confident about selecting the best vinyl siding and siding contractor for your Detroit home.

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