Vinyl log siding: Grades, costs, brands

If you are considering vinyl log siding for your house, there is a wide range of products from a number of manufacturers to consider. Here is a look at the various grades and their characteristics.

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Economy vinyl log siding

Vinyl siding is graded by its thickness, fade resistance and wind resistance: Economy thickness will be about .035 to .040 inch. Color selection also is likely to be limited. Economy vinyl siding prices are about half that of thicker premium grades. Thickness is an important consideration to avoid warping and cracking in harsh weather, though it may not be a factor in some climates. Major manufacturers with national distribution like Certainteed, Alside, Mastic and Wolverine offer economy-grade siding as well as more expensive grades.

Mid-range vinyl siding

Vinyl log siding in mid-range, or standard, grade is durable and requires almost no maintenance, but it still does not offer the surface character of real log siding. Thickness will be in the range of .040 to .045 inches. Timbermill is a leading supplier of vinyl siding. Its log siding is made with vinyl planks, 6.5 inches wide, with rounded exterior resembling cabin logs. It is backed with a thin layer of polystyrene foam that adds stiffness and some insulation. Its color and texture resembles American Cedar.

Premium siding

While all grades of vinyl siding are durable, attractive, and deliver a lot of bang for your buck, premium vinyl siding offers extra advantages not available in the economy or standard grades. Premium siding, usually from .045 to .050 inch thick, will include some insulation; the planks are generally longer and sturdier, and you can find a wider variety of styles and colors. Premium brands include Heartland, Crane, Progressive, Alcoa, RMC, and Royal Building Products.

Vinyl log siding is much less expensive than wood siding and requires a great deal less maintenance, whichever grade you choose. Whatever your budget, climate, and aesthetic desires, manufacturers abound, which keeps vinyl siding pricing very competitive.

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