The details of Timbermill log vinyl siding

Log vinyl siding offers a beautiful alternative to wood, giving the appearance of wood but not requiring the regular maintenance and painting that are required of real wood. Timbermill offers a variety of cedar-style siding for your needs.

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What to expect from Timbermill log vinyl siding

Timbermill log vinyl siding is made with CPVC, which is a little stronger that standard PVC. It is backed with a layer of polystyrene foam that gives the siding added strength and an insulation factor. The log siding comes in two natural colors, American Cedar and Forest Brown.

As with all vinyl siding, Timbermill vinyl requires no painting, staining or sealing. It is impervious to insects, can withstand extreme weather. The Timbermill product offers advanced color protection to keep your investment looking like new. In addition, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty.

If you want to install Timbermill siding yourself, detailed instruction manuals are available for download on the Timbermill Web site. Log vinyl siding is installed just as any other type of vinyl siding, using the same equipment and tools.

Caring for your vinyl siding is much easier than the care demanded by wood. The maintenance requirements for siding include a cursory visual inspection from time to time, and the occasional washing to remove dirt and grime. Regular visual inspections allow you to catch small problems before they become serious. With proper attention, your vinyl siding can last for decades.

What is Timbermill?

Timbermill is a branch of Style Crest, Inc. Style Crest has handled the manufacture, supply, distribution, and installation of various types of siding for over 35 years. Headquartered in Fremont, Ohio, Style Crest also handles decking, roofing, and other complementary products for homeowners and businesses.


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