Try a Combination of Synthetic Stucco and Stone Veneer Siding on Your Home

Sometimes two items just seem right with each other, like slippers and a good book. Synthetic stucco and stone veneer siding are a great team. Synthetic stucco by itself can create a formal, clean style for your home, and depending on the stone you choose, stone veneer as your only siding can look modern or colonial. However, when you combine them, you can create a warm, completely unique look for your home.

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How to Combine Synthetic Stucco and Stone Veneer Siding on Your Home

When combining synthetic stucco and stone veneer siding, keep in mind that stone veneer is heavy and must be supported from underneath by either a foundation brick ledge or footing. Synthetic stucco is self-supporting and does not require structural assistance.

Stone veneer siding is usually about 4 inches deep, and synthetic stucco is about 1 inch thick, so if you install stucco higher on a wall than stone, there is a recess at the transition. When you combine the two sidings, consider:

  • Installing stone veneer siding at your main entry, and synthetic stucco everywhere else
  • For a one story home, using stone veneer siding up to the fascia, and synthetic stucco on forward-facing gables
  • Using stone veneer siding up to about three feet across the front of the home, and synthetic siding the rest of the way up--use transition trim where the stone ends and the stucco begins

Look for other ideas in magazines and on Web sites, or develop your own idea for combining synthetic stucco and stone veneer siding on the front of your home. Choose a color combination that welcomes your family home everyday. Sto Corporation and Stoneyard have some helpful color and design ideas.

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