How to Repair Stucco With Small Surface Cracks

Weathering and age can cause small cracks to appear in stucco facades. While these tiny cracks are barely noticeable and easy to ignore when they first appear, repairing them when they are small can help you avoid larger repair projects and expenses further down the road. If you allow such cracks to go un-treated and they grow, you'll have to call in a stucco repair professional (and break out your checkbook) so it pays to be proactive and repair the stucco yourself at the first sign of cracking.

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Cracked Stucco Repair: Required Tools

Here are the supplies you'll need to repair stucco of minor cracks.

  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves
  • Patching compound
  • A small trowel
  • A stiff bristled brush

Five Easy Steps to Cracked Stucco Repair

Follow these five simple steps to perform a quick D.I.Y. stucco repair job.

  1. Put on your safety glasses and gloves before removing any flaking or loose stucco with your hands.
  2. Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove any remaining dust or loose fragments of stucco.
  3. Mix the stucco-patching compound as directed on the packaging.
  4. Apply the compound with your trowel, making sure to completely cover the affected areas with a little bit of overlap for good measure.
  5. Allow the repaired area of stucco to dry thoroughly. If your stucco has been color-dyed or painted, re-dye or paint the newly repaired area to match.

That's it. Once the stucco is dry, check it to make sure the cracks have been completely filled in, then check the area again about a week after the repair. If even small cracks reappear in the same areas soon after performing this repair, you should consult a professional contractor to determine a further plan of action but in most cases, this simple fix should hold up for several years.

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