A Simple Guide to Stucco Cleaning

Exterior stucco siding is prone to mildew build-up that can cause discoloration, particularly in areas that remain shaded such as under eaves and awnings and near ground level. If you notice areas of your stucco siding beginning to turn dark in color, it's time to take action before the problem spreads.

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Cleaning Stucco Siding of Mildew: Materials Required

Here are the materials you'll need to clean the mildew from your stucco siding:

  • A pressure washer (these are available for rent at most hardware stores)
  • A gentle house cleaning solution
  • Household bleach
  • A matching stucco repair patch kit, if necessary

How to Clean Exterior Stucco Siding of Mildew in 4 Easy Steps

Here are the steps to take when cleaning stucco siding of mildew:

  1. First, examine the stucco for any loose or deteriorated areas. Patch any such areas of loose stucco with a special stucco repair kit, available at your local hardware store. Allow the stucco patch to dry completely before proceeding with the stucco cleaning process.
  2. Next, mix the house cleaner with the bleach and spray the solution on the areas of stucco in need of cleaning using a spray bottle, beginning with the top-most areas and working down.
  3. Wait a few minutes to allow the solution to absorb before gently rinsing the area clean using the pressure washer, once again starting at the top and working down.
  4. Repeat these steps if a second application is needed for particularly hard to remove stains.

Voila! After following these simple steps, your stucco siding should be free of mildew and looking as good as new again.

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