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Stone Siding

Stone is one of the most enduring of all the various materials and is one of the oldest building materials known in use. It is a very popular choice for siding installation today in either a complete structural covering or as an accent installed only on smaller areas of the structure, and is often used to compliment it in that manner. Besides the natural appeal stone gives to any structure, it is an all weather application capable of surviving harsh winds, hail, rain, sleet, snow, ice and heat. Stone siding gives the appearance of a solid wall of stone. It is a long lasting and beautiful investment which comes in a variety of natural tone colors and stone choices such as such as sandstone, limestone, granite and more. It is not susceptible to rot, water damage or termite damage and maintenance is low. Stone siding is the heaviest material on the market and installation requires experience, heavy equipment and a lot of manpower.

Installing stone siding is not for the average homeowner to tackle alone. Stone siding is however quite expensive compared to other types of siding, so if your budget doesn’t allow for such an investment you can always get the good looks without the high cost by using a vinyl stone siding or faux stone siding which is cheaper to buy and cheaper to install. It is lighter in weight, in comparison to real stone siding, made of a veneer facing with cement backing, it does look identical and also available in the form of sandstone, limestone, granite and more. It is often manufactured by using stone molds to create the panels so the ending appearance is more realistic and maintenance is also low.

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