Add Strength to Your Home with Steel Siding

Over the years, the words "steel" and "strong" have become synonymous. Steel is a tough, durable material used to build skyscrapers and aircraft carriers, and it can also be used for the siding on your home. But in addition to its strength and durability, there are several other reasons why you should consider seamless steel siding.

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Seamless Steel Siding, Custom Made for Your Home

Seamless steel siding has no splices or joints; it is made on site for your home's unique measurements. Siding contractors use a machine that coiled steel is fed through, and it is cut in the length needed for the application. This creates far fewer opportunities for water or air infiltration on your home. Along with being tough and durable, seamless steel siding is also:

  • Termite resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Not prone to warping
  • Rot resistant
  • Resistant to expansion and contraction

You can select matching or contrasting colors of trim. Some trim, such as fascia and guttering, can also be installed seamless.

Seamless steel siding is very low maintenance, usually needing only periodic washing, as described by an educator at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Steel siding is manufactured in various thicknesses, with some variants more resistant to dents and other damage. Many profiles, styles, and colors are available, even an option with a wood-grain look.

Go Corrugated for a Modern Look

Some homes with a modern design use corrugated steel siding to achieve an unique look. While this isn't available in a seamless application, many homeowners still find it quite desirable, especially in rural or beach settings.

Imagine your home with the bold, clean lines that seamless steel siding can provide, or the modern look of corrugated steel siding. You can enjoy the look, and at the same time increase your home's exterior protection with the strength and durability of steel.

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