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Metal Siding

Anything made of metal is going to be durable, and metal siding is no exception. It can be manufactured to resemble a variety of textures and unlike other types of siding, it does not shrink or bulge when the temperature rises or when the temperature falls. It can be cut to the exact measurements of your home, giving it a very nice finished look. Metal siding is an excellent alternative to shingle or wood siding. It requires less maintenance, is more durable and once installed, maintenance is easy. Metal siding is dent resistant, fireproof and has an impressive look. Before you begin with installing the metal siding, check all the walls for nails, rotting wood and any bowing or depressions in or on the surface. Nails can be hammered in or removed, rotting wood should be cut away and replaced, protruding areas should be cut away and any depressions in the surface should be filled, shimmed or wedged. The more thorough the preparation, the better the final finish will be. Attach weatherproof underlayment securely with a staple gun, ensuring all corners and edges are secure. Overlap the edges by at least two inches. Next, install the strip around the bottom of entire structure so that the metal siding will slip under it easily.

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While installing, ensure that the panels are level and remain level throughout the installation, overlapping the metal siding by at least two inches. Make sure to leave a ¾ inch gap at the corners so that the corner caps can be installed. Install the corner caps by sliding under the metal siding and secure tightly together with nails. Metal siding is available in a variety of rich colors, textures and styles. It can be painted to match the existing color scheme of your home or change the look all together.

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