Go Green With Log Siding - It's Eco-Friendly

Many people are serious about going green in their daily lives, and choosing a new exterior siding is no exception.

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If you have been ruling out the use of log siding on your home because it lacked the certification of being an environmentally friendly building product, take comfort in the fact that there are now green log siding products.

Log Siding Provides the Feeling of a Cozy Cabin in the Woods

A log cabin conjures up the image of a winter evening with frost on the windows, a warm glow from the fireplace, and a family enjoying their evening together. Log siding can give any home that feeling--all you have to add is the fireplace and your family.

Log siding is installed like wood or vinyl siding, applied right over the exterior sheathing of your home. Usually, it is about three inches deep, and widths range from 6 to 10 inches. Most log siding is either pine, cedar, or fir, and is available in a smooth finish or the colonial-looking hand-hewn finish.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is concerned with protecting the environment in general, and specifically the forests of the world. They provide certification services for new forests where trees are grown to be used for wood products. Just like any crop, when the trees are harvested, new trees are planted. FSC certified log siding is now available in woods like Northern white cedar and Western red cedar.

Log siding can even make your home more energy efficient by increasing the insulation factor of your exterior walls. So, go green with log siding this summer,and spend next winter in your own cozy, log-sided cabin.

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